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A Pilgrim's Progress

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This past weekend we hosted a street preaching blitz for the Kentucky Derby. We had about 32 people come, plus our family. Not bad for an event that only a few preachers show up at usually! The weekend started off with a church service Thursday evening. All day Friday and Saturday we were out on the streets. People walk in and out of the racetrack area from 9:00 in the morning, until the last race ends at about 6:30. Friday was a pretty mild day (not as big a crowd, since it wasn't the "big" race). One man that Bro. Kenny Chapel dealt with ended up kneeling down on the sidewalk (in front of hundreds of people walking by), and making a profession of faith in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. If that man was the only person who was affected by our ministry that weekend, it would all be worth it! But, although that was the only profession made, we talked to many other people, and have already received emails from some we spoke to out there. Saturday was a little more aggressive, even as the people were headed into the race. At 6:30 when they came out, many of them were drunk, and almost all of them were upset. We ended up having a mini riot at one point, and a woman (who had to have been demon-possessed) punched me (in the face), broke another sister's camcorder, and attacked one of the preachers. What a day we are living in when a woman gets upset at God's Word being preached, and attacks those who are standing for the truth! We praise the Lord no one was seriously hurt, because it could have been much worse. Overall it was a great time of ministry, and everyone really enjoyed it. I am putting up a slide show of pictures from the blitz, and I will try to have a video up by this weekend.