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A Pilgrim's Progress

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We have been in Chicago for the past 10 days or so, working with Independent Baptist Church. We started off with street preaching downtown last Saturday, and then went into a revival meeting Sunday through Wednesday. While on the street we had a young man make a profession. After Pastor Teesdale talked with him for over an hour, the young man knelt on the sidewalk and prayed. We gave him a Bible, and he asked for information about churches. He had been attending somewhere, but wanted to know what type of church he should start going to now.

The revival meetings also went very well. Many people were at the altar after every service, making commitments and getting things right with the Lord. A 14 year old boy who comes to church on the bus was under heavy conviction during the service last night. When the invitation was given, he went forward to talk to Pastor T, and ended up making a profession.

This week it is on to the Indy 500 parade and race. We have about 30-40 preachers and families coming in to preach at this event. Please pray for safety for everyone traveling, and for liberty with the police.