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A Pilgrim's Progress

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I know it has been a while since I have put up a new post; we have been at a friend's house in Nauvoo, IL for the past 2 weeks. Nauvoo is one of the most important cities in Mormonism. This is the place Joseph Smith led the Mormons to after the "Mormon War" that took place in Independence, Missouri in 1838, and they were basically run out of Missouri. Of course, being in a Mormon town for 2 weeks has been interesting. Every time we go out we run into some "missionaries", so Dad has had fun here. This past week the Mormon church had a ballroom dance production going on, and some of the family went up a couple nights. We weren't able to preach, because it is held on the Church property, but it was a good example of how worldly they are. Obviously we know Mormons aren't Christian anyway, but it is amazing to see the worldliness of a religious group that tries to make it sound like they are Christian.

Tomorrow we will be leaving here, heading back to Indianapolis, and Charity and Elijah will get back on Wednesday. They have been down helping the Blackburn family at our home church for almost 2 weeks. It will be good to have Charity back; I have been doing most of the cooking since she left, so now it is her turn! (Just kidding!)
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Well, I finally have video to post from preaching at the Indy 500 last week. I have been working on redoing our website recently, so I didn't get the video up as soon as I would have liked. Anyways, here it is.