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A Pilgrim's Progress

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Today we preached on the Georgia State University campus in Atlanta, GA. (Some of the family were actually out yesterday too, but I had to stay back with the little girls, as it was pretty vile.) While the crowds weren't as big today as yesterday, there were still plenty of people out, and, as usual, many professing christians telling us we were doing it all wrong. One seventh-day adventist argued with us that he believed in salvation by grace, while in the next sentence he said you had to keep the commandments (especially the 4th commandment) to be saved! Josiah and I also dealt with him on the issue of the King James Bible. He claimed that although God promised to preserve His Word for ever (Psalm 12:6-7), the KJV was not perfect-only the originals are perfect. This SDA was so bothered by the preaching that he literally went around and argued with almost every preacher out on the campus, and then came back to us to debate again.
As always, the sodomites, pro-sodomites and the feminists came out to hold their own signs and mock the preaching. One of the women held a sign that read "Women are not just sandwich makers"! We had almost as many people upset at the "Women are to be keepers at home" sign (and the modesty issue) as we did sodomites upset at the "There is no such thing as a christian homosexual" sign.
I did have a good conversation with a student who said she was raised in a conservative christian home, and while she still claimed to be a christian, had left the "conservative" part behind. I talked to her for at least 20-25 minutes, and it sounded like she may have been saved. She asked several questions about our method of evangelism, and I ended up giving her my email to discuss some of these things with her. Standing on a campus surrounded by screaming students and trying to camcord any confrontations at the same time is not the best situation for having a long conversation!
I will try and get some video up of the preaching in the next day or so. We will be preaching for several hours again tomorrow, so I may not get it up right away.


becca said...

wow! praise God!