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A Pilgrim's Progress

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Okay, I know I am long overdue for a post, so here it is. We have been very busy the past couple weeks with traveling and packing, so not much worth writing about has been going on!

We have been back at our home church here in Panama City for almost a week now, and it is good to be back! All the little kids are growing so fast, and I finally got to see Joshua Channer in person, instead of just pictures. (He is adorable, and a very happy baby!) Dad has been helping out at the boys academy almost every day since we got here, which he always enjoys.

One of the nicest things about being here is going to our home church for Church services. There are a few Churches we go to that are like "northern home churches" as Dad says, but it is nice to be at Truth for church! Dad preached all 3 services today. For Sunday School he did a Bible quiz with 30 questions (quizzes are always such fun!).

Tuesday morning we will head out to Georgia, and then head towards Illinois. We will be starting a 6-7 week trek out west (in tents) to do some street preaching and hopefully get some churches out there started in the street ministry. Please pray for us as we will be doing more traveling than usual during that time, not to mention the possible snow and ice. We will try to update regularly, and should get some good pictures to put up!


Sally, Greg and Hannah said...

Oooooooooo! REAL CAMPING!!! So happy to hear that you are having a nice time at your home church. Wish we could be there with y'all (like the southern accent there???). Little geerl is doing well...she misses you terribly. At least that is what I think. Anywho...WE ALL miss you (even Lily although she has never met you.). But hey~to know ya is to love ya, right??? Take care and say hi to the family for us!

Elsie Gibbs said...

Heeeyyyy, you're going west, why dontcha just take a lil (ha ha ha, more like 2 week) jog up north from there, and come see US :D He he he he. I'm kidding. I wouldn't truly ask that of any of my friends :) But it's a fun thought. Love you all.
Ms. Elsie