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A Pilgrim's Progress

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Well, it has been a couple weeks since I was on here. Last weekend we street preached outside of Lily Dale, which is supposedly the biggest spiritualist community in the world. When we found out that it was right near where we were staying, of course we had to go out! It was a good time of preaching, and rebuking those involved with the occult. Many people came out to talk to us, and every single one of them were brought back to one point-they were making themselves their "god". Almost all of them said they believed in God, but all of them had their own ideas about what their "god" was like. One of the men who got upset at us said he knew the Bible well, and knew more about it than we did. Of course, he couldn't answer how many books were in the New Testament, and said that the book of Hezekiah was definitely in the Old Testament! Another man we spoke to out there said he teaches at a Lutheran college, but he doesn't believe in the Biblical God...he thinks his "god" is in everything, and everyone is a "god". It was amazing to see how far astray people are led when they don't trust in the ultimate authority, God's Word, and make themselves the authority.