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A Pilgrim's Progress

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This past week we have been very busy between a camp meeting, and a lot of street preaching. The meeting started last Sunday with Bro. Ron Williams preaching all day. We had services every morning and evening through Friday night. There were some excellent sermons preached! Dad and Bro. Ron each preached every evening (except Thursday when we were out street preaching), and other preachers took turns in the morning services. The meeting closed out yesterday with Dad preaching all 3 services.

Thursday evening we went out to preach at the rock concert in Buffalo. There were more people there than we have ever seen! We were told the band that was playing had not played in concert since 1973, so that explained the crowd. Within 1 minute of being out there, we had over 30 people surround us. Throughout the whole evening we had a crowd of people around (although, of course, most of them were upset). A couple people had some serious questions, though.

Saturday was the big day with 3 different events going on. First it was the Jehovah's Witness Convention in downtown Rochester. As always, they were not allowed to talk to any of the preachers, and the gauntlet was out in full force! For those of you who haven't heard us talk about this, the JW's are prepped a couple weeks before the meeting, and warned not to even look at the street preachers. To enforce this, they line men up along the sidewalk in front of the preachers (usually about 30 or more) so that if someone does try to talk, they can stop them. It is amazing to see how scared they are that someone will talk to a preacher and find out the Truth! After the JW's we had a couple hours to eat and rest before heading to the gay pride parade. Every year this parade seems to get a little shorter, but it looked like there were more supporters following the parade this year. As soon as we were done there it was off to the Hill Cumorah Pageant. This is a pageant put on by the Mormons where they basically re-enact what occurs in the Book of Mormon. It is held in Palmyra, NY, which is where Joseph Smith supposedly found the golden plates he translated into the book of Mormon. Dad and Bro. Dan had a good conversation with 2 young people who were there. We did have some trouble with a police officer who has been harassing the street preachers for years, but eventually he left us alone. All in all it was a good day, although a long one!


Clay said...

The ministry isn't getting any simpler or easier at any battlefront, I see. We've been busy as well.

Stay in fight, Lymans! You're in our prayers!