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A Pilgrim's Progress

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We are in Alabama now, and boy is everyone homesick! We miss the home Church so much. Anyways, we left P.C. after the wedding on Saturday, and came up here. Dad preached Sunday evening service at a Church here in Enterprise. Our Pastor and his wife, as well as another couple from our home Church, came up for Church Sunday evening. It was such a blessing to have them with us, even if it was only for a few hours!


Because HE lives, I can face tomorrow!!!~ said...

I know what ya mean. I've been homesick for PC., Florida for almost 4 years now!!! :( Praise the Lord for webcam though. I never thought I would say something like that, for technology. Anyhow, this is Mrs. Elsie. I hope we can keep up better now that I know all ya'll have blogs. Have a great day!