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A Pilgrim's Progress

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I know I'm late getting this posted, but we've been pretty busy lately. The past 2 weekends we were out preaching at Spring Break. As always, most of the people we dealt with claimed to be Christians. A couple young men that Dad talked to admitted they would be getting drunk, and would even be out looking for girls, but said they were saved! It is amazing how low so-called Christians' standards are! The manager of the Walgreens store on the corner we preach at came out and argued with us as well. She also said she was saved, but said we weren't doing it right...the normal "you're judging me-Jesus didn't judge-you're too hard" spiel. She ended up getting so mad (after Dad pulled the Hezekiah question on her) that she literally was bowing down to Dad (mocking, of course)! The next weekend we were out, Walgreens put up a sign that read "We Do Not Support This Group". The best part was the next day when we came out to preach...the sign was off...looked like it was broken!

Another man who came out said we were "building walls", and no one would listen....not even realizing he had come out, as well as 20-25 other people who were talking to various members of our street preaching group right then! Some people are so blind!

Don't you love her sign?!

Don't they look like trouble?

More of our group

The line-up!

Rob preaching

Dealing with some people who "jumped over the wall" to talk to us!

Josiah, M, and a friend from Church.

I am putting a few minutes of video up here, but there is more on this Youtube channel.


Sally, Greg and Hannah said...

Oooooo! Sunshine! Warmth! Sweatshirt weather!!!! Wish we were there too. I know, I know...we were SUPPOSED to be there. :)

Love the Walgreens sign. They sure missed out on alot of advertising for the day that it actually worked. Ha ha.

And yes...Charitable and the rest look like trouble...just look at their faces!!! :)

Anyway, can't wait to see you guys times coming up!