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A Pilgrim's Progress

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Yesterday a good friend from Chicago drove down to visit us. We stayed up late playing a couple games and had a lot of fun! For the second game of Scrabble we had just 2 teams-boys against girls! The guys were a little outnumbered (6 girls and only 3 boys), so they are using that as their excuse for losing :) It was a late night (about 1:00 in the morning before everyone got to sleep!), so most of the family slept in this morning. Unfortunately our friend will have to leave later this afternoon, as she has to be back for the bus route at her Church tomorrow :( It was nice to have someone drive over to spend a day with us, since where we are right now there are no good Churches.
Here are a few pictures of the Scrabble game!

All the "girls" but Mom and me (I'm taking the picture)

Dad and Elijah

Is Elijah thinking hard for a high-point word?

No, he's playing with the tiles!


Sally, Greg and Hannah said...

Oh, I love Scrabble! We have the Super Scrabble version that takes like 12 hours to play. Last time we played Greg kept laying down little two letter words while I was laying down 12, 13 and 14 point words. When we got to the end of the game (and I was like 200points ahead of him), I asked him why he was doing this. He said that he had a REALLY big word and was waiting for a big point square to open up. Welllll, it never did. So, I WON!!! Woo hoo! Maybe that explains why he doesn't want to play with me anymore? :) We will have to play when you guys are back up here in sunny, NY!

See you later and love you all!!!

Paloma said...

Hi Hope! :) I am just stopping by to thank you for being part of the Starbucks giveaway in my blog (The Coffee Shop)

Very nice blog you have!

M and M said...

That was fun!!!

Girls won too:D
The One M

becca said...

yes, staying up late with friends and family is fun. :)